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Ten Bridge is your one-stop wellness website for educators that provides inspiration, purpose, and support. You are not alone in your educational journey. We at Ten Bridge understand you because we are you.

Finally, A Community For Educators, By Educators.

Teachers and professors inspire each other but when we are tired who can help carry the load?  Ten Bridge is your answer to learning how to improve your emotional, physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being. Our coaching, courses and community provide a refreshing approach to educator engagement.

We know, if we can help you be the best you, it allows for your classroom and school to benefit too! Whether new, experienced, transitioning or retired, Ten Bridge is on a mission to help and support you. After all…we are educators too! 

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In academia we all bring our individual experiences to the classroom.

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We Offer Wellness Services

Ten Bridge is an academic wellness company that offers transformational coaching, personal and professional courses, resources and a community for academia. Teaching professionals of all backgrounds should choose TenBridge because we understand what it means to be an educator today preparing our youth for tomorrow. TenBridge is uniquely focused on the wellness of those that continue to serve their community and beyond through teaching.


Looking to connect with other in academia as a mentor or mentee? Check out our program details page to learn more!


Our online wellness blog for academia is the perfect way to take your wellness to the next level.


We offer a variety of free resources for academia that inspire and support you on your journey as an educator.

About Ten Bridge

Ten Bridge offers personalized coaching services, wellness courses and an online educator community for new teachers, career educators (teachers, administrators and professors) and transitioning or retiring professionals.

No Matter Where You Are In Your Teaching Journey, We Can Help

At Ten Bridge, we specialize in helping educational professionals within an organization that teaches students from pre-school through college. Whether its your first year of teaching, or 30th year of teaching.

New Teachers

Embarking on your teaching journey is both exhilarating and daunting. At Ten Bridge, we stand beside you, offering guidance and support to navigate those pivotal early years with confidence and joy.

Career Teachers

Navigating through the middle years of teaching requires consistency and rejuvenation. At Ten Bridge, we offer tailored strategies to reignite your passion and strengthen your impact in the classroom.

Transitioning Teachers

Change is both challenging and rewarding. Whether you’re shifting roles or preparing for retirement, Ten Bridge provides resources and support to make your transition smooth and fulfilling.

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Join our wellness movement for educators by educators and continue to inspire and be inspired. We love being able to provide a program that provides as much encouragement, support and learning for a teacher as it would for their students.

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